Remote Servicing Agent

Sandip Surila

Knowledge is a never-ending story. As a Remote Servicing Executive, I learn something new every day. It’s important to me that I understand each client and their insurance needs, because everyone is different. In insurance, we help people and cover their backs when they need us. Working with the team at Broker Age General Insurance Services, I feel supported, too. We keep on top of changes and updates in our industry to serve our clients as best we can.

I enjoy having the freedom to create my own schedule and I’m always excited to meet new people. When I first came to Canada in 2012, my social circle was small without my family and friends around me. Now, based in Edmonton, I’ve built a network of clients who’ve become friends. They come to my home and my family and I go to theirs. They trust me and are happy to refer me to their friends and family, helping me build my business. Because I care about those relationships, I make sure to keep in touch with my clients whenever they have new kids and family events.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending quality time at home or on road trips with my wife and our son.

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