Eleos is a philosophy that aims to simplify complicated insurance processes, build awareness, and educate our community with responsiveness, accountability, and loyalty.

In Greece, Eleos was the personification of mercy and compassion – the counterpart of Roman goddess Clementia. As we approach our Broker Age program – we believe that the underlying foundation of our perspective lives in empathy and engagement. We support our team and our customers with one single-minded goal – appreciating the human value in relationships. The connection that brings us all together. Our family of talented and compassionate Insurance experts will do their best to bring you credible coverage for everything that you care about.

Our focus is on building steady relationships that are grounded in trust, transparency, and compassion. We believe in handling client relationships professionally, with mutual respect and ongoing acknowledgement.

At Broker Age, “Eleos” is how we approach employee engagement, customer service and claims experience – the entire subset of interactions culminating into an overall brand identity.

You might know that the Insurance Industry in general is becoming more and more transactional. For us, finding the right policy and giving you the assurance and protection that you deserve is a way of life. At the end of the day, your peace of mind is what we really work for. It’s who we are and who we have proudly been since inception.