Albertans love their toys, and rightly so. But it’s important that your summer fun is appropriately insured. As we see every year, accidents happen. Having the right coverage matters.


Provides you with basic protection if you’re responsible for harm to someone or something else. Make sure that you know the specific terms as far as who it covers (i.e., co-riders, age limits, etc.) and in what circumstances (including alcohol consumption).


Covers repairing or replacing your own vehicle if you get into an accident. This is often worth the investment, especially if you have multiple vehicles.


Liability is often not enough. ATVs or motorcycles left outdoors might be subject to theft, vandalism, fire, animal damage, etc.

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Broker Age is here for all of your insurance requirements. We have partnered with Optimum West Insurance Company and other top providers to offer a flexible 360 degree approach for coverage to all of our customers.

Things You Should Know

  • Possible discounts available for: riding experience, claim-free history, and combined policies.
  • Depending on the type of vehicles you have, combined policies may not always be ideal. Some providers offer better pricing in certain niches. For example, you might be better off insuring your vintage bike with one provider who specializes in that area, while insuring your truck with a more conventional company. Our brokers can help.
  • Cancelling your coverage during the winter months isn’t always the best solution. Some providers factor in the non-riding months when they calculate your premiums, and some will reward customers for long-term loyalty. If you’re going to remove full coverage, consider just downgrading instead. It’s important to have at least “fire, theft, and vandalism”, even if your toy is parked in the garage.
  • Remember that the first ride of the year is the most important. Be sure to check your equipment and riding gear thoroughly, especially if it has sat all winter. Avoid the temptation to let the throttle out right away. Increase speed gradually as you listen and feel for anything out of place.