BrokerAge General Insurance - Friendly Policy Gurus ™

We strongly believe that insurance brokers should be educators, not salespeople. We’ve built our business around three simple promises that reflects that stance.
We promise that:
  1. You’ll always be heard. We’re diligent about asking the right questions to help match you with the best policy for your true needs. No assumptions, ever.

  2. You’ll never leave empty-handed. We’ll walk you through the fine details of your policy options in a way that is clear, relevant, and easy to remember. Whether or not you buy through us, we want you to walk away with an understanding of what the right policy would look like for your specific situation.

  3. You’ll always have the best policy available. We’ll review your policy for you annually, and we’ll notify you of any potential improvements (e.g., eligible discounts, deductible options, or adequate coverage options)

Insurance isn’t a sexy industry

Most brokerages share a lot in common, and that’s not always a good thing. We’ve worked to keep what works, while adopting a few new approaches.

The Right Providers

Rather than sign exclusive agreements with only “name-brand” or “discount” providers, we make customer options our priority. We have access to 23 separate insurance markets, including several specialty providers (e.g., for just boats, RVs, or quads). This flexibility allows us to match you with the perfect policy for your exact needs

Broker Availability

The #1 complaint we hear in this industry is about brokers failing to return calls. We’ll always provide an initial response within 24-hours, and we’ll keep you informed if unavoidable delays are going to impact the timeline of your claim. All our brokers are available via webchat during business hours for simple questions and updates.

Employee Culture

This has to start at the top. Which is why all our partners are actively involved in the day-to-day bits of the business (making client site-visits and answering the phones). It’s important that we all understand the realities of life in the city, in the bush, and in the patch. And it’s important that we treat our brokers well. The human element matters. No matter who you talk with at BrokerAge, we hope that difference shines through.

Our Approach


We will help you understand your policy coverage and find answers to any and every question you may have. Our primary objective is to simplify complicated Insurance processes and build awareness about which policy is the right fit for your coverage needs.


We go to bat for you in order to identify the most credible and comprehensive coverage that is customizable to your specific needs. We aim to bring you the most competitive price in the market with incomparable customer service. Our accountability towards you shall always remain unwavering.


Our focus is on building a valuable relationship with our RSEs, our underwriters, our insurers and most importantly, our end consumer. Each of these relationships is grounded in trust, transparency and compassion. Our promise is simple – we don’t take your faith for granted. We shall always hear you and show up for you every time you need us.


The focus of our work ethic is to make you feel comfortable and safe in the knowledge that you are part of a local community that protects you like their own. We believe in nurturing and spreading a sense of purpose not only via business profitability but through meaningful human interactions that serve to care.