BrokerAge’s partners have a few notable things in common. In many ways, these commonalities reflect the core DNA of the business itself:

  1. Each of them originally gained experience and education in other business fields, then entered the insurance industry. This allows them to see the industry, and their client’s needs, from an outside perspective with a fresh approach.
  2. Both partners are actively involved in the trenches. You won’t find any of them hiding in a corporate office or a windowless policy room. They share a genuine passion for running the business from a ground level, where the clients are.
  3. Each has extensive experience in a specific niche. This gives them a deep understanding of the nuances of the industries they come from, which can make or break the right policy selection.

Sheldon Ward

Partner, Finance, Accounting, Operations, and Investor Relations

The every-man entrepreneur. He cut his teeth as a restaurant owner, while concurrently running an oilfield rental firm, a commercial property outfit, and providing business consulting. He adds a “get stuff done” skillset, along with financial wizardry and passion for systems optimization.

Trevor Sodergren

Partner, Finance, Accounting, Operations, and Investor Relations

The blue-collar academic. He brings an outstanding business acumen, stellar negotiating skills, and a history of getting involved and giving back. Growing up in a family that owned several businesses, he’s gained a special talent for wearing multiple hats gracefully. He can also wear a tie just as comfortably as a pair of mud boots.

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