icon_oil_gasAlberta is oil and gas country. Operations all across the province require the right insurance to cover owners, employees, consultants, and contractors.

Our local team is here to work with your specific operational needs. We have industry specialists on staff who are available for in office or on-site visits. They’ll help you to look at:


General liability

Depending on your specific operations, there are unique considerations, and unique insurers that specialize in oil and gas related businesses. A standard liability policy is likely not what you need. It’s important to make sure your policy matches the realities of your operations.

Product and property

Do you manufacture, machine, wholesale or retail equipment and supplies to the oil industry?  Who is responsible for the products or equipment when they are in-transit, or during set up and installation?  Do you have equipment or property of others in your care, custody and control?  Special liability policies are required to ensure you have coverage for products and completed operations, as well as during the set up or installation of equipment, and require special consideration.

People and partners

Does your corporation have adequate umbrella liability coverage? Professional liability coverage? Partner insurance? Are your employees covered under these policies?  Does everyone on staff know the scope of their employment and responsibilities?

Business interruption

What are the appropriate caps and conditions to help you recoup the cost of unexpected shut-downs?

Equipment and machinery

While major items are usually covered, have you made specific inclusion of tools, electronics, and office contents?

Special liabilities

The oil and gas industry by nature involves higher risk exposures, which give rise to special insurance needs.  This include pollution liability coverage, prairie and forest fire expense coverage, rigging and moving liability, and/or builder’s risk coverage.

Things You Should Know

  • The liability coverage for your operations or business likely does not protect you against the work done by sub-contractors your hire.  You will want to ensure sub-trades and sub-contractors provide you with prove of their own insurance, and have them include your firm as an additional insured for loss or damage arising out of their operations.
  • Equipment coverage may or may not extend to items belonging to contractors who are on-site temporarily. Additionally, loss or damage to equipment in your ‘care, custody, and control’ that you do not own is not covered is not covered under a standard liability policy, nor is it automatically covered under your contractor’s equipment insurance.  These items, such as leased equipment or non-owned equipment you operate as a contractor needs to be insured separately.  Often, the terms of the lease or contract agreement determines who is responsible for insuring the equipment.

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