Summers here are short, and we all want to enjoy them while we can. This often involves road-trips and escapes into the bush. Be sure that you’re covered for all scenarios before you go.


This can extend beyond just accidents that you cause while driving. Depending where you park your unit, you become responsible for the campsite area that is in your ‘care, custody and control’ and could be personally liable for any injuries or damage others sustain while on your site.


RVs tend to be full of things. A basic policy might not cover your personal belongings, including linens, kitchen items, carpets or electronics that stay permanently in your RV. Make sure to include the ‘contents’ of your RV in your coverage.

Emergency Vacation Expenses

What happens when you are on vacation and your motor home can’t be used as a home temporarily? It may be worthwhile to ensure that any necessary accommodations and/or alternate transportation methods are covered.  Emergency Vacation Expense coverage can do that.


Do you own a toy hauler?  Most policies cover the “bones” but not the recreational equipment you might transport or store within.  Items like helmets, tools, riding apparel and other equipment and accessories are often not part of your basic coverage

Location-Based Coverage

Special riders might be necessary if you cross provincial/national lines, or if you park on special kinds of properties (including your own house-lot). Make sure to get a clear list from your broker.

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Things You Should Know

  • RVs often have very different repair costs as compared to traditional vehicles. It’s best to get a comparison quote from a provider that deals specifically with RVs, and to closely examine the nuances.
  • Make sure you know the specific terms of your policy. If you lend your RV or trailer to a family-member, some aspects of the coverage might not naturally extend to them. Additionally, you may still be fully liable for any damage that they cause (even if they have independent coverage).